When deciding what to do with the rest of your life, there is a pressure from society, high school counselors, parents and peers to go pick the ‘smart’ major, and not the ‘fun’ major. I feel like I have been haunted by stereotypes because of my choice to be an art major. I received a lot of “you will never find a job”, “an art major is easy” and “your degree is just a worthless piece of paper”. This series wants to point out that there is so much you can do with an art degree than be a starving artist. The influence of creative people is everywhere, you cannot go a day without seeing or experiencing something that has been made or influenced by a creative person, with a ‘useless degree’.

I have placed and left participation ribbons on things that creatives influenced. These images are documentation of that. Leaving the ribbons in the world will hopefully have others look at them and wonder why they are there.